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    Xue Jianqiang said: “You still show off your farts, I'm about to make dumplings!” Seeing that the enemy was not moving, without saying a word he fired another shot, loudly saying: "Children, come here, I have discovered you!"

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    Some people around were also silent.

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    I couldn't help but sigh in my heart, Tan Tien, this little girl's mind was spinning so fast.

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    Nakazuo Mureda was so angry that he was about to go crazy: "Wherever the missile is coming, hit it, fire quickly!"

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    But respect is all respect, but I really despise his family's living conditions.

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    After all, they are my biological descendants, no matter how incompetent they are, even an old man wants to help them.

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    Zhong Wei was stunned: "Spying on the company? Isn't having corporate spies enough? Why set up a reconnaissance company?"

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    The four girls are resourceful and intelligent. It would be great if the girls could carry on the family name.

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    This time, they caused such a big uproar because of the key, proving that they value the key very much.

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    Xue Jianqiang smiled wryly: "We'll talk about buying the telescope later. Can you return the telescope to me first?"

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    Zhong Wei snorted: "Not convincing? Then you can defeat them to convince them. I think with your skills it won't be difficult to defeat them."

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    Ly Hang's face also became serious. Although old man Hongri ranked lower than him, it was not much lower. The difference in strength was limited, and even if he tried his best, he would not be sure.

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    "If you don't say, is that the default?"

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    Qin Xian immediately became concerned.

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    Besides, in front of the dormitory where Li Jun lives.

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    "Don't worry, Chief. We were wrong this time. I will investigate now."

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    few hundred meters away, the Japanese army, unaware of anything, continued to advance. Major Inoguchi Sasuke, captain of the 3rd squad of the Mureda Brigade, sat in the cockpit of the vehicle with a command knife, staring forward, his face twitching slightly, revealing a cruel smile. Some time ago, the 28th regiment went everywhere to rob gold, even overturning a line of troops, turning the Hoai An area upside down. Muraeda also felt very humiliated, so he tried to mobilize a reinforcement company and a puppet battalion, gathering nearly a thousand troops, preparing to launch a retaliatory sweep of the 28th regiment. However, at the war meeting During the battle, Murae Nakasa did not mention the complete destruction of the 28th Regiment but repeatedly emphasized the need for severe revenge and the Chinese people to pay the price in blood. Completely annihilate the 28th regiment. The loafer is slippery, runs faster than a rabbit, drills deeper than a mouse, it is impossible for the 28th regiment. You guys entered their guerrilla area and massacred several villages and burned several houses. If you have an explanation to your superiors, back off quickly. This kind of practice of venting anger by ordinary people if they cannot defeat the guerrillas is very grand, but Shao Zuo Inoguchi likes it, he likes to see countless people begging and crying under his butcher knife. alone, the feeling of being controlled countless lives and killed is truly amazing! Hm, since you chose to support the New Fourth Army against us, you must be willing to pay the price for that!

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    "You can understand that too. They are best at controlling poisonous insects and nurturing poisonous insects."

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    "Careful." Old Ancestor Mac Van shouted loudly, but was stopped by the old horse, unable to stop Thiet Ha Tu's attack.